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Education module on Cloud ERP System


Kuinsoft 2019

-- Google calendar integration

- Electric invoice integeration (Hóa đơn điện tử)

- Update Lead from external site 

- Google class

- Manage class/teacher schedule at public school

- Integrate SMS brand name with VNTP, FPT, & Abenla


KuinSoft 1.6 Release - Jul/2015

- Integrated with moodle (online e-learning system)

- New look & improvement performance on telesales function

- Add some statistic reports

- New report format for TA/Teacher salary

- Add new some functions for "Sending SMS"

- New "My desktop" function to manage daily admin tasks and statistic

KuinSoft 1.5 Release - Jun/2015

- Add "Notes" function

- New look on Telesales screen

- Manage Syllabus

- Report card with brief lesson learned.

KuinSoft 1.4 Release - Oct/2014

- Auto update (online)

- Add Data source Provider and analysis reports into Sales & Marketing Module

- Fix bugs of Call List, telesales

- Add Student progress report.

- Add Class Owner, search class by owner

- Modified Receipt Note, Refund Note. 

KuinSoft 1.3 Release - Jul/2014

Purchasing module

Inventory Module

KuinSoft 1.2 Released - Jan/2014

- Add new module (Sales & Marketing)

- Add prospect to manage external customer data or potential customers

- Allow user to create call list to use for telesales, can share a call list

- Send Mass email 

- Send SMS using GSM modem/GPRS modem

- Allow user to create Email/SMS template and using it to send Email/SMS

- Monthly data closing

- Fixed some bugs


KuinSoft 1.1 ReleasedMay/2013

- Advance search 

- Fixed bugs

- Added some management reports.

KuinSoft 1.0 ReleasedDec/1012

- Basic functions